Debut 2012.
Aktiva år 2012 - 2014, 2017 - 2019.

Medlem i Helsingborgs Konstförening & BUS

Solo exhibitions
2019 Viking Art Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden
2018 Comfort Hotel Helsingborg, Helsingborg, Sweden
2018 V Hotel, Helsingborg, Sweden
2017 Skånes Fria Konstrunda, Helsingborg, Sweden
2014 Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Riverside Hotell, Ängelholm, Sweden

2012 Stureplanskliniken, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Custom House, Köpenhamn, Denmark

2012 Galleri Stationshuset, Mölle, Sweden

Group exhibitions
2018 Grand Hotel, Helsingborg, Sweden
2018 KOL& Cocktails, FN's projekt FLICKA/GIRL, Malmö, Sweden
2018 Utställning till förmån för Värmestugan, Helsingborg, Sweden
2017 Skånes Fria Konstrunda, Helsingborg, Sweden
2016 Konst på Stan', Kulturhotellet, Helsingborg, Sweden
2015 Konst på Stan', Helsingborg, Sweden

2014 Konst på Stan', Helsingborg, Sweden
2013 Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, Sweden
2012 Galleri Minerva, Bröstcancerfondens Konstauktion, Malmö, Sweden

2012 Konst i City, Ängelholm, Sweden

2012 Scandic Nord Berga, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Konst på Stan', Helsingborg, Sweden

Juried exhibitions
2019 HD Vår Salong, Kulturhotellet, Carolina Falkholt, Helsingborg, Sweden (serie of 3 photos)

Donations to charity

2013 Erikshjälpen, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Kooperativ Framtids café, Helsingborg, Sweden

-"It took me 28 years to realise that the critism from my art teachers and my own mind wasn't as powerful as the encouragement and positive reactions from the crowd in the world of art but is was well worth waiting for!"


The young woman who only had confidence in drawing Disney characters and who thought she was really untalented when it came to creating drawings and paintings, got affected by her stay in Barcelona, the winter 2011/2012. By chance she bought some canvases and acrylic colors with the purpose to have fun.

Three months after returning to Sweden, Gina Cinnamoni started her own gallery in the central Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. During her two first years as an artist she had participated in more than 12 exhibitions in cities like Helsingborg, Mölle and Copenhagen and sold about 40 paintings in 2 years.



Nowadays Gina Cinnamoni paints larger art works measuring from 80x80cms to 100x150cms. She has also profunded her unique hallmark main motives like
1) The urban semiabstract   2) The kissing people   3) Fully abstract with strong colors 
The artworks have also become more detailed than in the beginning of Gina's career as an artist. 

Her exhibitions have been held at galleries, restaurants and hotels. The rich colors and motives are accepted by the most people as the artworks have a positive glow and fit perfect to the trend with white, gray and blue walls.

Gina has also started to try out photography with the mission to bring out important questions of the society.


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